50th Anniversary Interview:
Carolyn Hambidge

In 1966, Carolyn had three young children and had recently moved here from England. Her family hadn’t planned on staying long, but they’ve been here ever since. When her oldest was five years old, she was walking down Montview Boulevard. She was looking for a kindergarten and that day talked to Bea Romer over the fence of the Montview Playground.

Bea offered her a job immediately because of their similar philosophies that all children were individuals, had talent, and were to be valued. Carolyn felt that all students should learn to believe in themselves and learn that everyone looks at the world a little differently. Carolyn started to teach three year olds just two days a week which was new to her. In England, she had taught 5-7 year olds.

In time, Carolyn had her fourth child. Bea and Carolyn together decided that they should go beyond just preschool. Both liked the idea of multi-age classrooms after the British Primary philosophy. They employed a BPS teacher, Brenda Duncan. Then Carolyn took over for the next thirteen years. It was a model for Metro University’s education students.

In the early 1970’s Carolyn moved from Montview and helped by many parents and teachers founded the Stanley British Primary School at 13th and Quebec where she expanded to include 3rd-5th grades. In the early 1980s she moved the school to Lowry and added Middle School, where the Stanley BPS still flourishes today.

Carolyn has many warm and wonderful memories from her time at Montview Community Preschool, Kindergarten and British Primary School. She values the community, parent helping days, and the connections to nature that children make. She believes it is lovely how so many people have kept the school up over the last 50 years. She has kept in touch with many students and is proud of the caring and creative adults that they have become. Carolyn’s wish for Montview is that it continues to be a wonderful place for those important early years.