50th Anniversary Interview:
Julie Cleary

Julie taught at Montview for eight years in the 1970s. Later her two sons attended Montview, so she had the opportunity to experience Montview from both a teacher’s and a parent’s perspective.

She remembers first visiting Montview to observe when she was a student, and immediately felt that teaching there would be her dream job.

As a teacher at Montview, she worked alongside Carolyn Hambidge and Brenda Duncan, both of whom are still close friends of hers. From them and others in the Montview community she learned about teaching as well as parenting. She has many warm memories and good feelings associated with Montview. She considers it to be a special community and “a family kind of school” where the teachers are caring and loving and the quality of teaching is amazing. Julie feels that preschool is such an important age, and wishes that all schools could be like Montview.

When asked about her wishes for Montview Preschool for the next fifty years, Julie said that Montview is perfect as it is, and she hopes it will continue being the amazing school it is for years to come.