50th Anniversary Interview:
Margaret Wehner

The first helping parents helped to shape Montview Preschool, too. Margaret Wehner was a part of the early years at Montview Community Preschool and sent all four of her children there. Margaret was a member of Montview Presbyterian Church and remembers talking to Bea Romer’s father, the senior pastor of the church, in support of Bea’s idea of starting a preschool. It would be located in the church, yet a community preschool for all children. She remembers the goal was a fully integrated preschool. At the time the preschool was very needed since there were so many preschool aged children in the neighborhood.

Another founder, June Wood, was Margaret’s oldest child’s first teacher. Students learned to work with other students. They started to learn to problem-solve in preschool. That strong foundation of learning through play and working together was so nice for Margaret’s children.

She remembers a concern in the church congregation about children playing and causing harm to the beautiful lawn of the church. Happily, it never became a problem and Margaret feels the preschool children add joy to Montview Church. Being a helping parent has always been the expectation. Some things never change. Her children liked to plan the snack on their helping days and made sure snack was just right. The snack had to be a healthy food, too.

Margaret and Bea’s children played together often. Many of the parents formed friendships that still remain today. Through the years, the kids in preschool have stayed in touch and created a substantial network as well. Margaret enjoyed watching all of the kids in her children’s classes growing up. She still sees many of them around Denver. One is even on TV.

Margaret has warm memories of having good times at Montview. Those years were a wonderful and busy time.