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27May, 2015

Parent Survey 2014-15 Results

Thank you to all of you who filled out a Parent Survey this year. We will be using what we've learned from the survey to set strategic goals for next year, and to make improvements

21April, 2015

50th Anniversary Interview:
Edie Buchanan

Edie Buchanan, Montview Preschool Teacher 1985-2013 My husband, Tim, and I were Montview parents and volunteers from 1974, when our first daughter was in Jeanne Mate’s 3-day 3-year-old class until 1981, when our third child left

21April, 2015

50th Anniversary Interview:
Jeanne Mate

Jeanne shared several stories of her time at Montview. She mentioned that she is planning to attend the 50th Anniversary celebration and offered to talk with more former employees and families to encourage them to attend

14April, 2015

Meet Founding Mother:
Bea Romer

Bea Romer’s sons had gone to preschool at the Colorado Women’s College, but when it closed down, she was in need of a school for her daughter, Mary. Bea, along with cofounders June Wood and